Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ACT-GTO (Get Turned ON)

Lots of men (and women) work hard to keep their bodies in peak working condition. But for whatever reason, that optimal performance may not always extend to the bedroom. Before that happens, make sure you get our new passion-enhancing drink, A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™!

G.T.O.™ (an acronym for "Get Turned On") is an all-natural and unique fusion of vitamins, amino acids and botanicals, and exotic mango and passion fruit extracts. It provides your body with powerful nutrients to enhance your sexual desire and boost performance*. Since A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™ is formulated for the benefit of both men AND women - and has a great, refreshing taste - you and your partner can enjoy it together!

You've worked hard all week and it's time to party. Make sure your body is ready and willing as you are - naturally. Get Turned On and make the night long with A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™!

A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™ delivers:

  • Enhanced desire*
  • Support for a healthy libido: both men AND women*
  • Support for healthy blood circulation*
  • Enhanced mental performance; elevated mood*
  • Terrific, refreshing flavor
  • Only 45 calories per serving

How to Use A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™


To make a great-tasting, energy-boosting drink, just mix one packet of A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™ with 12 to 16 ounces of cool, purified water or your favorite juice, 1 to 2 times daily, during, or after a meal. And even though the Mango and Passion Fruit flavors rock - don't worry: each serving of A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™ has only 45 calories!

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